About 110BYL

110% Beyond Your Limits is an Athletic Development training group based in London. The coaches, English record holder in the 110m hurdles Tony Jarrett and former GB international 110m hurdler Gianni Frankis, aim to provide the highest quality training sessions based on their knowledge and experiences from the world of Athletics.

We believe in creating a strong work ethic, building confidence and athletes in all sports realising their potential. Find out more about the coaches here.


What we do

The athletics squad with our best and most experienced athletes. The training programs are of the highest standards focusing on the mental, physical and technical attributes needed to reach podiums and maintain a career in sport.

The Athletics Squad with our young and upcoming athletes. Training programs focus on developing fundamental attributes with a fun aspect to them but also with a view to bringing young athletes from school level to elite level.

Whatever your sport is, the 1:1 sessions are an opportunity to make use of the experience the coaches have. The dedicated time allows for a more focused and tailored approach to reaching your goals.

A fantastic CPD opportunity for any sports coach, athlete, PT, PE teacher or sport scientist looking to increase their knowledge of athletic development and performance provided by our experienced coaches and speakers.