What is Virtual Assistance?

At 110% Beyond Your Limits we want to help other independent coaches and teams expand their business and modernize.

A virtual assistant is a person who provides professional administrative, technical and creative assistance to a business or company remotely. It's a cost-effective way of hiring an assistant for an important part of a growing business.


What are the services?


We showcase your coaching credentials on our website for customers to make applications and booking requests.


I will manage online payments, your payroll and invoicing to guarantee payment on time and giving you financial peace of mind.


I will organise 1:1 sessions, maintain a database of subscriptions to squads and manage payments allowing you to focus on the coaching.

Advice and Support

You will have access to consultancy, advice and support for your coaching business including pricing, branding, marketing and more.

Client Management

I will answer all emails or calls from clients regarding the business including applications, requests for bookings and general enquiries.

Document Production

I can provide essential business documents specific to a coaching business such as T&Cs, databases, cancellation policies and privacy policies.


What are the Benefits?

Allows more time to focus on coaching!

Set your own prices and your own brand!

No upfront costs or deposits!

No more irregular cash payments!

Easier to increase your number of clients!

Better for maintaining attendance and retention.

Request a Meeting


If this is something that could be of interest to you, do not hesitate to request a meeting with Gianni by emailing directly to beyondyourlimits@outlook.com.