Notable Former 110BYL Squad Members


Alex Al-Ameen - NIG - Profile

Amber-Leigh Hall - GBR - Profile

Angelita Broadbelt-Blake - GBR - Profile

Damien Greaves - GBR - Profile

Ethan Akanni - GBR - Profile

Gabriel Odujobi - GBR - Profile

Gemma Bennett - GBR - Profile

Gianni Frankis - GBR/ITA - Profile

Jared Lane - USA - Profile

Jonathon Ross - USA - Profile

Joseph Harding - GBR - Profile

Joseph Hylton - GBR - Profile

Julian Adeniran - GBR - Profile

Kennedy Holton - USA - Profile

Mayowa Osunsami - GBR - Profile

Mariam Abdul-Rashid - CAN - Profile

Panayiotis Bekiaridis - GRE - Profile

Robbie Clarricoats - GBR - Profile

Sydney Griffin - USA - Profile

The athletics squad with our best and most experienced athletes. The training programs are of the highest standards focusing on the mental, physical and technical attributes needed to reach podiums and maintain a career in sport.

The Athletics Squad with our young and upcoming athletes. Training programs focus on developing fundamental attributes with a fun aspect to them but also with a view to bringing young athletes from school level to elite level.