110% Beyond Your Limits workshops are a fantastic CPD opportunity for any sports coach, athlete, PT, PE teacher or sport scientist looking to increase their knowledge of athletic development and performance.

The workshops are provided by our experienced coaches and speakers Rob Thickpenny, Tony Jarrett and Gianni Frankis. A more detailed description about the speakers can be found here.

Please check out our current workshop dates and locations below!


with Rob Thickpenny, Tony Jarrett and Gianni Frankis


The importance of Athletic Development is increasingly being recognised as best practice for performance, conditioning and rehabilitation in all sports. The one-day workshop will improve the knowledge and understanding of Athletic Development from an elite Athletics perspective using a blend of theory and practical sessions throughout the day.

The day will cover:

- how training methods employed with elite athletes can be transferred to the gym floor.

- the biomechanical principles and benefits of a medicine ball throwing programme to improve coordination (neuromuscular) and ‘athletic shape’.

- a better understanding of functional anatomy and how this positively impacts running technique as an applied case study.

- The reasons why it’s crucial to screen a client before introducing a plyometric programme to ensure movement competence and plyometrics role as part of end stage rehabilitation.

Current Dates

Unfortunately due to Coronavirus, there are no current dates for this workshop