with Rob Thickpenny, Tony Jarrett and Gianni Frankis

The importance of Athletic Development is increasingly being recognised as best practice for performance, conditioning and rehabilitation in all sports.

This workshop is a fantastic CPD opportunity for any sports coach, therapist, athlete, PT, PE teacher or sport scientist looking to increase their knowledge of athletic development and performance.

Delivered by our experienced coaches and speakers Rob Thickpenny, Tony Jarrett and Gianni Frankis with a combined coaching experience spans 38 years working with elite athletics, professional football, semi-pro rugby, professional squash and weekend warriors. A more detailed description about the speakers can be found here.

We will cover:

✔️ Movement assessment

✔️ Warm-up including hurdle mobility and coordination drills

✔️ Methods to develop the physical qualities for high speed running and Change of Direction

✔️ How to apply this on the track or pitch

Sunday 28th February 2021

10am - 1pm (GMT)

Online via Zoom

No Longer Available